Government Science Student Association (HIMAP)

Government Science Student Association or abbreviated as HIMAP is a student organization that is formed to gather Government Sciences students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, HIMAP also has a work program that leads to the improvement of science and intellectual as well as the social community, which is expected from every existing work program is that every government science student can shape his personality better, then also students who are referred to as agents of change and agents of control must be sensitive to the issues that exist also on the surrounding environment that are especially related to the field of government science, so it is hoped that HIMAP can accommodate UMM government science students to become students who have a better quality from all aspects.


The formator have tasked with supervising, controlling, and monitoring the work programs carried out in every field in HIMAP UMM. As well as making policies within the scope of HIMAP UMM.


This division have tasked in the field which becomes a means and a place for UMM Government Science students to channel their interests and talents in the arts and sports, also show the existence of governmental science through artists and athletes owned.


This division have tasked in the field of relations between students both within the scope of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang is between intra-university institutions such as the FISIP UMM Student Executive Board and other Department Student Associations at the department level and all Government Science students and relations outside the scope of  HIMAP UMM between HIMAP and the other universities.


This division in charge of service to the community, Social Community is also a place for UMM government science students who want to study on Social and Voluntary issues and directly come down to the community to channel their spirit of dedication and generosity.


This division have tasked with developing the interests and talents of UMM government science students through entrepreneurial activities that are within the scope of campus and outside campus to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. In addition, it also formed financial independence in the organization and became the HIMAP UMM support system.


This division have a focuses on the scientific and intellectual development of UMM government science students as well as fostering and increasing critical power - solutive and potential for governmental students in academic and non-academic fields.